While i am predominately a Newborn & Baby Photographer in fife I also am one of the six kick ass … Admin team and volunteer Photographers for The Butterfly Wishes Network  which is a not-for-profit organisation made up of UK-based professional photographers who would like to offer their services free of charge to families of children with life-shortening conditions.

      The Butterfly Wiishes Network was founded by a group of Photographers who came together to create a Nationwide Network of Professional Photographers. The goal was to create a national network of photographers providing families with children that suffer from a life threatening illness, a beautiful family session and at least 10 digital images.

      They are completely non profit and every single person works for free.  What i love about working for the network is meeting / talking with families it is so humbling, I also adore seeing all the sessions coming through and feeling so proud of the entire network and the Admin team who work tirelessly behind the scenes.  When a family emails through after a session the joy is amazing because it makes it so worthwhile knowing that for a few hours of your life you have helped a family create beautiful lasting memories.  It truly do adore my job’s and by far volunteering is one of my most fulfilling roles.

      A session could be at your own studio or in the family home, even a local park and from the families i have worked with so far its been really rewarding, I remember my first session well the mum opened the door and gave me a massive hug she was so grateful and a few years on i still follow the families journey <3

      If you feel like you are a professional photographer and would like to take part we would LOVE to hear from you <3 please drop us a little message via the website


      While i was writing this little blog i was speaking to my friend Clare of Clare Long Photography, Who has wrote an amazing blog on her recent awards, how amazingly talented is Clare!!!  I found it so very interesting seeing all her creative and imaginative work in one blog, her use of colours and how she styles her session … WOW, i am in aw of her talents so i hope you don’t mind me sharing the link to her page… If you are looking for a Newborn Photographer Kent  you have to check her out her absolutely gorgeous work <3


      such an important organisation. I will try to find something like that in Australia.

      This is incredible and a wonderful thing you are doing for these families.

      Amazing thing for you to do – so important and precious x

      What’s an amazing thing to do

      Wow amazing, thanks for sharing!!

      I’m a volunteer for BWN too… Thank you for being an admin and giving your time for such a worthy cause

      This is amazing! I would love to find out more about this, I will message you x

      Forever indebted to you for your time giving such an incredible gift.

      such a wonderful charity

      What a fantastic charity

      Amazing charity to work with

      Such an amazing charity

      Love butterfly wishes xx

      I take my hat off to you! How lovely ❤️

      I salute you!! What an amazing thing you do x

      Such an important and valuable thing to do.. xxx

      What a wonderful thing to do

      Such a wonderful thing to do for the families

      Such a wonderful charity

      Such an important and valuable charity. Thanks for sharing

      Incredible read and wonderful that something so precious is offered to families. x