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– Pre-session advice/consultation
– Including 2-4 hours photoshoot
– 15-20 Digital images
– Use of props
– All editing
– Digital Download of Images



There are no words to describe the love a parent feels for their newborn baby! The newborn stage goes by quickly in a blur of night time feedings and Nappy changes and before you know it, your “newborn” is all grown up! You will look back and long to remember their tiny toes and fingers, their silky soft skin, their little yawns, and the way their bodies seemed to mold so perfectly in your arms. We don’t remember days…we remember moments. I want to help you remember this special moment!

When should I schedule my newborn session?
I take a limited number of sessions each month, so please contact me ASAP with your due date. Once your baby is born – call or email me and we will schedule your session within the first two weeks after birth. I prefer 5-10 days old simply because they are still usually very sleepy and are able to be put into the newborn style poses. After 10 days, after this period it becomes increasingly difficult to obtain those cute curled up sleeping positions because they are more alert and wake easier. Also, baby acne and colic tend’S to set in around that time. Sessions are scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Where will the session be held?
I am currently only offering sessions from my home while we build our home/studio. Please contact me if you’re interested in a session in your home.

How long will the session take?
Expect your session to last 2-3 hours for the Full Newborn Digital Package in order to allow us to go at a relaxed pace and have plenty of time for feeding, changing, and cuddling. Unlike chain studios, you don’t need to worry about rushing or stressing over whether your baby will cry during your allotted 20 minutes! Prior to your session, I will email you additional information detailing how to prepare for your session.

What should my baby wear?
Your baby will be photographed without clothes or with a diaper/diaper cover. I will also take photos of your little one swaddled in blankets/wraps and wearing headbands/hats. Bring an extra set of clothes just in case baby decides to have an accident while you’re holding them (without a diaper). With that being said, I expect that your Baby will have accidents on me or my stuff, so don’t worry….it’s all washable!

Anything else I should know?
If you want to bring a sibling, please have a family member or dad bring them only for a short period of time. They will get bored and hot in my warm studio quickly. In order to get great shots of your newborn, we need a quiet, calm atmosphere! I want you to be happy with my work, and I work best in a quiet environment.


Can I have Parent / Sibling images….?

Of course, you can! <3