Re-opening May 1st – Exciting News…. With a BRAND NEW STUDIO!!

20th April 2021

Oh my gosh, I can barely contain my excitement!! Bella Photography will be moving to The Rosyth Bussiness center.  I get my keys on the 1st of May and I couldn’t be more excited.

For the first ten years of my business, I worked from home in my living room so to go into a studio is the most exciting announcement that I can make.  it’s my own little haven where I can put all of my beautiful props and outfits and balloons and sparkly things and really make my mark on it.  my own little slice of heaven.  I have worked as a photographer now for 11 years and this has been a long time coming for me so I can’t wait to invite you all into my studio and into my space to create some beautiful portraits.

I plan on having a coffee station I’ll have a microwave where you can heat bottles, I’ll have a mini-fridge with snacks and bottles of water, free Wi-Fi a comfy seat where you can come in take your jacket off, and relax knowing that you and your family are in safe hands.  I am planning on having a newborn station as well as a cake smash station and also an area specifically for family photos.  I have always liked the color scheme of pastels and I really think that this will make it inviting to children and families so I’m having a really great time right now decorating everything and place everything that I want into my studio.

I absolutely adore my job there was a point throughout this pandemic that I really thought I was going to have to give up working full time and it was heartbreaking however my best friend decided to take me for a little walk and I fell in love with space so I signed on the dotted line straight away and it became mine.

my plan is to work two days a week full time which means that I will be able to do either newborns or cake smash sessions or sitter sessions.  this absolutely excites me as currently, I have props hidden everywhere in my house so I cannot wait to get my house back and also place them in my new studio.

I know his patterns will be quite intimidating coming into a studio setting after the pandemic but I want you to know that I take every precaution possible and we’ll make sure that it is a safe environment for everybody.

I honestly can’t wait to welcome you and your family into my new space and create new memories that you and your family will enjoy for years to come….

Lots of love