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      Photography Farm

      Photography Farm was started back in 2010 by acclaimed, alternative wedding photographer Lisa Devlin. The original idea was simple ~ A residential workshop that nurtures you into being the very best wedding photographer you can possibly be. Teaching you not just about shooting but also about the business of being a wedding photographer. All of this is hosted in an incredible creative space, a picture perfect Farmhouse dating back to the 15th century with facilities fit for Rock Stars. In fact the Farm did host actual rock stars for a long time and many iconic albums have been recorded there. There is no other workshop in the UK quite like this one and the bonds you make here will support you long after you leave.

      Over time Farm itself has grown and evolved and we now encompass so much more. In addition to the residential workshop, we also offer other classes and events throughout the year. We regularly invite guest mentors and have had an incredible roster of photographers teach for us including Martin Parr, Jeff Newsom, Ryan Muirhead, Nessa K, Brooke Davies, Jan Scholz, Samm Blake, Janneke Storm, Sam Hurd, Phil Chester, Jim Pollard, Mark Pacura, Todd Hunter McGaw, Gabe McClintock, Kirsty Mitchell and many more. Our biggest event is FarmShop in March. It aims to fill the gap between workshops and conferences, teaching a full wedding photography workshop over two days with a group of mentors from all over the world.

      (Exert taken from Photography farm’s website)

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      Oh my gosh, you guy’s! Earlier this year I did some training with the absolutely amazing photography farm. Can I please say to any of my lovely photography buddies if you are considering doing it don’t consider do it! It was amazing, So inspiring and wonderful! Lisa the owner of the farm is a goddess and she lined up some of the most incredible photographers to teach, inspire and work with us and I came home buzzing with ideas!!

      Day one is a meet and greet and there were talks from 6 photographers on different topics and day two is a trading day with the option to do short shoot sessions, I opted to do a shoot day with Neil Thomas Douglas if you don’t know his work he is incredible! Neil has been such a fantastic support in the farmer’s group and he just is so talented and honest, his work is breathtaking. We tried to get the secrets of deer whispering from him but all he would share was always to carry an apple! :). I also did a second shoot session with Eric Ronald who also is incredibly inspiring.

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      Here are some of my portfolio images from the sessions <3

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