Meet Orla. This little gem was one of my newborn sessions of 2021, and I have to say Ashley and I are beyond Smitten!!! We keep asking her Daddy & Mummy if they would REALLY miss her if we kept her!!! Not surprisingly the answer was yes!!

Orla and her Mummy & Daddy came into the studio for a sitter session. Now, I’ve recently changed up all my packages (find out more here) to try and accommodate all family budgets because i want everyone to be able to have beautiful photography images esp during important milestones.


Orla’s used lots of props from the studio prop box and we let her lovely Mummy and Daddy pick all the outfits we used in the shoot and she’d made the most perfect choices. The white and cream of the clothes went so well with Ruby’s complexion, beautiful hair colour and eyes.  The mint outfit and headbands were used in her Newborn session previously.

Orla is, according to her Mummy, is a smiler. She loves to watch and take in the world, Sing and giggle. I noticed just how curious she is. She loves noise and was so fascinated by the sounds of the studio and was so intrigued by everything that was going on.




If you’re interested in booking in a sitter session for your little one then please get in touch, I’d love to chat to you about it.

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