Gorgeous Zalaan and his Beautiful parents popped into the studio for their Newborn session recently – Edinburgh Newborn Photographer

7th April 2024

Capturing Baby Zalaan and His Parents

At our studio in Rosyth which is 15 minutes from Edinburgh, we recently had the pleasure of welcoming baby Zalaan and his parents for a newborn photography session. Both parents are dedicated medical professionals, and their love and joy for their newborn son were evident throughout the session.

We started the session by capturing natural, candid images of the family bonding with baby Zalaan. The genuine emotions and connections between the parents and their newborn created heartwarming moments that we were honoured to preserve through our photography and gorgeous session.

As the session progressed, we introduced some cute prop setups. From adorable hats and blankets to tiny props that accentuated baby Zalaan’s delicate features, each setup added a unique and beautiful element to the photos and gallery.

In addition to the prop setups, we also captured beautiful parent shots that highlighted the love and tenderness shared between the new parents and their precious son. The images were a testament to the bond that was already forming between baby Zalaan and his adoring parents.

Through our lens, we aimed to create a collection of timeless and heartfelt images that the family can cherish for years to come. The session was a celebration of new beginnings, love, and family, and we feel privileged to have been a part of capturing these special moments for the family.

If you’re looking to capture the beauty and joy of your own newborn or family moments, we invite you to visit our studio in Rosyth right next to Edinburgh for a photography session that will create lasting memories to treasure forever.

Would you like to book in a Newborn photoshoot for your little one then please get in touch, I’d love to chat with you about it.

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