I live in a little cozy house in fife with my best friend for life, Phil… Hands up I am a sap and the man is my entire world.  I am a hopeless romantic the things that I love most about my gorgeous husband is his love for Music, His family, His stupid crazy annoying sense of humor!! It’s true what they say when you are truly madly and deeply in love there is no one else id rather bug me then his hairy face!

      MY most fav human is my husband, we met when we were both working for an IT company and I stole his seat, I was warned that he was shy and quiet and wouldn’t talk to me! Well, I can tell ya the boy has never shut up since I met him hehe!
      We live with our cat and 3/4’s! ( which is an inside joke because we have an amputee cat who we adore  he has the best personality ) .I personally think it’s amazing that as a Photographer I have a “Tripod” kitty haha! Will never get old for me.
      My favorite things in the world are Family, Belly laughing at everything mostly myself because I think I am the funniest person I know! and giggling at the silly moments in life and spending time with my best friends.
      When I’m not shooting weddings or families you’ll find me singing in the choir I belong too (Sing in the City) Playing a little wow, working on graphics/websites but mostly spending time with my love Phil.
      My Photography Journey started after I lost my best friend he was a fantastic filmmaker and it was a passion that we shared, My first camera was a polaroid and shortly after I bought my first Canon SLR, I enrolled at college and researched for hours on end techniques to enhance my skill.  When you lose someone you love in tragic circumstances you want to hold on to them any way you can but It also gives me the most Joy that I have an incredible gift that I can share with others and create memories knowing how important they are.