What make photography important to me?

What make photography important to me?

I know its Cleshea to hear Photography is the best job in the entire world! But coming to the end of the working year and think about things has me somewhat emosh!  Sometimes when I read that I myself think wow that’s cheesy BUT after giving up a job in IT which I loved, I truly followed my gut feeling about going Full time with my photography career.   I remember the moment that I quit my full-time job fondly because I woke up one morning and I said to Phil (my husband aka hairy face) I just don’t want to work at the company I was anymore and his reply shocked me he said well quit then! Shocked I said can we afford that? I can’t just quit my job can I?    well…. turns out you can!

I was already following the photography route so I was working full time and my little business was also full time too, I was working every evening and every weekend, I was running myself into the ground and It was affecting my health and mental health too.  I wasn’t happy at all and life is to short to work in a job where your whole heart isn’t invested.

My clients to me are everything, I can’t believe that I get to share a small part in people’s lives.  I never take it for granted that my clients put their faith and trust in me.  I try as much as I can to deliver what they envision by speaking with them and trying to understand who they are and what photography means to them and then I take that and look for the rawness in their lives to deliver a gallery I am proud of.

What makes me happy is when I nail a shot, for me,  I try to capture the true emotion of human lives, the love shared between people, the hidden smiles! A baby’s first steps, a cuddle with parents, from life coming into this beautiful world to leaving families with lasting memories.  I view photography as an art to me an image is a frozen moment in time that can be looked at and reflected on for years and years to come.

My best friend passed away 12 years ago and there isn’t a single day that passes by that I don’t think of him and miss him.  I only have one image of us together with our friend Claire and It is one of the most treasured photographs that we have but the quality means we could never print the image and frame it, which breaks our heart I truly wanted no one to go without having images of a special time in their life or person.

During my time studying photography at college, I invited my closest friends to come into the studio and we did a photo booth set up to make some fun memories, Photography doesn’t have to be serious it can be, and it can be fun and everything in between.  These are some of my favorite images despite my dodgy editing haha! But it was so important to me to document times in not only my life but their lives too as they mean so much to me .. I’ve been fortunate enough to have captured them growing up from getting married to having their families, it been a massive honor to take my camera along for the ride and I have been there for it all and its meant more to me then words could ever express <3

Here are a few images from our photo booth – ( The handsome lad in the blue hoody is my crush ) I hope they make you smile like they do me…. xoxo

People say so often I want to do photographs but after …. ****insert reason**** such as haircut, weight loss, etc but the truth is time isn’t limitless and you are perfect just the way you are 🙂 and to the people who love you you are perfect always!! They don’t care they just want to look back at memories of you like these photos mean so so much to me.  The power of photography is incredible and the meaning will last generations after ours.

Thinking about memories and capturing them Andrea who is a Children’s photographer Llanelli has written a blog on what’s new with her and her business for 2020….

If you would like to discuss booking a session please contact me to discuss your requirements


A Floral Cake Smash …. Is this not the cutest theme?

A Floral Cake Smash …. Is this not the cutest theme?


When little Mina’s mummy asked for a Floral cake smash theme I was so excited to put together a little set, The background was made by props for Tog’s, The little flowers were just from my local Ikea and mummy brought Mina’s outfits.  She was an absolute star for her cake smash, She loved the little stand which I bought from The wooden Prop co.   She would giggle at mummy making silly faces, and Danced along to Baby Shark.

A BIG thank you, Mina and her family for allowing me to share a few images from her cake smash session <3

My Favourite Suppliers….

My Favourite Suppliers….

As a newborn photographer starting out in newborn photography fife I felt that i fell down the Rabbit hole of feeling i had to OWN everything under the planet!!!! Its not true,  When starting out there are a few MUST haves like a good beanbag, a background stand, a few backgrounds and a few props…. Newborn Baby posing do a fantastic Starter kit here  which includes a beanbag, a cream background and a few headbands…

It looks to me like an ideal starter kit for anyone considering newborn photography. ( I fully encourage training before safely trying to create a newborn photography business and will do a blog on my fav trainers soon :).

As my business grew, Every session i reinvested back into my business and my style started to develop.. I love neutral tones, lots of creams, browns, and grey colours… I love Dainty little headbands, gorgeous floral crowns, Knitted bonnets.  For me less is more <3

Here is a list of my favourite suppliers 

Bespoke Newborn Props – Amazing and gorgeous knitted props, Mary looks for the finest Yarns that are gentle on newborns and takes so much time and detail in her work, I have lots and lots of her props.

Props for togs – I adore the range by Honey Pie Photography and own a number of their drops, Kerrie also offers bespoke printing so if there is a theme i am trying to create she is amazing and does her best to help which i think is a fantastic service.

The Wooden Props Co – I literally need to hide packages from my husband!! but they do everything from cake stands to professional posing props all brilliant value for money <3

Blessence Props – I adore Blessence’s wraps they are so stretchy and a wide variety of materials and colours, The pricing is also very reasonable!!

Kingdom Furnishing – Do the cutest little chairs, Ive used them on cake smash sessions and even at weddings

Newbornprops.eu – Are a fantastic allrounder website for props from gorgeous flokatis. wraps, props, and bowls.  They are one of my fav go to places… Delivery is quick too <3

I am sure i will add to this list over time but in the meantime …..

Have you ever wondered how to capture beautiful family photographs in everyday life? Brooke from Sand piper photography who is an insanely talented professional maternity photographer in noosa has wrote the most fantastic blog giving some really useful tips on how to capture some beautiful images of your own family with tips from how to create stunning images and even styling tips <3

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog i hope you like it & the links are helpful.


The Butterfly Wishes Network – Who is it? What do they do?

The Butterfly Wishes Network – Who is it? What do they do?


While i am predominately a Newborn & Baby Photographer in fife I also am one of the six kick ass … Admin team and volunteer Photographers for The Butterfly Wishes Network  which is a not-for-profit organisation made up of UK-based professional photographers who would like to offer their services free of charge to families of children with life-shortening conditions.

The Butterfly Wiishes Network was founded by a group of Photographers who came together to create a Nationwide Network of Professional Photographers. The goal was to create a national network of photographers providing families with children that suffer from a life threatening illness, a beautiful family session and at least 10 digital images.

They are completely non profit and every single person works for free.  What i love about working for the network is meeting / talking with families it is so humbling, I also adore seeing all the sessions coming through and feeling so proud of the entire network and the Admin team who work tirelessly behind the scenes.  When a family emails through after a session the joy is amazing because it makes it so worthwhile knowing that for a few hours of your life you have helped a family create beautiful lasting memories.  It truly do adore my job’s and by far volunteering is one of my most fulfilling roles.

A session could be at your own studio or in the family home, even a local park and from the families i have worked with so far its been really rewarding, I remember my first session well the mum opened the door and gave me a massive hug she was so grateful and a few years on i still follow the families journey <3

If you feel like you are a professional photographer and would like to take part we would LOVE to hear from you <3 please drop us a little message via the website


While i was writing this little blog i was speaking to my friend Clare of Clare Long Photography, Who has wrote an amazing blog on her recent awards, how amazingly talented is Clare!!!  I found it so very interesting seeing all her creative and imaginative work in one blog, her use of colours and how she styles her session … WOW, i am in aw of her talents so i hope you don’t mind me sharing the link to her page… If you are looking for a Newborn Photographer Kent  you have to check her out her absolutely gorgeous work <3