Cake Smash Falkirk – Jacob’s First Birthday Space Themed Photoshoot

16th September 2021

I can’t tell you just how over the moon I am to be able to share these photos. As I was editing them I had the biggest grin on my face and I may have even shed the odd happy tear. 

Now, you all know how much I love my portrait sessions and how adorable all of my clients are, but this one is extra special. Jacob is my best friend’s little boy and, thanks to Covid, this was the first time I’d been able to meet him (and give her the biggest hug!)

Space Themed Cake Smash Session

Claire (Jacob’s Mum) and I have been friends for what feels like forever. We grew up together and were each other’s maid of honours. In fact, we are so close that on my wedding day my husband checked that Claire was happy with him marrying me as he knows we come as part of a package. Marry me, marry Claire basically! Luckily for both me and him Claire said yes! 

Claire now lives down in London with her husband, Matt. As Jacob was born during the pandemic she hasn’t been able to get back up to Scotland to see any of her family and friends, until now. Jacob got to spend his first birthday with his Scottish family and I was finally able to give him a huge snuggle. 

I was so excited when Claire asked if we could do a cake smash session whilst they were up here. We chatted away for ages about themes, finally settling on a space themed shoot (thanks to Matt for suggesting it!). Now I have to admit that Auntie Kirsty got a little overexcited and may have bought way too many props for this cake smash but it was all worth it to see the delight in little Jacob’s face when he arrived at the studio. 

As with all my sessions, we started off with some simple portraits. This allowed Jacob to get used to the studio space and to having his photo taken. He was a natural! He was bopping along to the tunes and couldn’t stop giggling. 

He clapped his hands in excitement as the cake was brought out. Cupcake Planet had done an amazing job with the cake – she’d also made Claire and Matt’s wedding cake – and the only time Jacob cried was when we tried to take his cake away from him! I’m sure we can all understand that, right?! His lovely space outfit came from Etsy. Doesn’t he look cute! Cake Smash Falkirk space themed birthday cake stars and moon toppers Cake Smash Falkirk space themed birthday cake stars and moon toppers Cake Smash Falkirk space themed first birthday cake stars and moon toppers boy toddler party Cake Smash Falkirk space themed first birthday cake stars and moon toppers boy toddler party

Bath Funtime Photo Session With Ducks

As with all my cake smash shoots we ended by having a splash about in the bath. Using a simple, white background meant that all the focus was now on Jacob and that wonderful smile. He loved the ducks and was so happy playing with them and singing for us all. 

Oh Jacob, what a happy little chap you are, it was an absolute pleasure to spend all that time with you and I can’t wait to see more of you and your amazing Mum and Dad now we’re all allowed to travel. 

Cake Smash Falkirk space themed first birthday bath fun photo shoot session with yellow rubber ducks


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