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Meet your Photographer

Hiya, Im Kirsty

I live in a little cozy house with the love of my life Phil and he is my entire world we met when we were both working for an IT company and I stole his seat, I was warned that he was shy and quiet and wouldn’t talk to me! Well, I can tell ya the boy has never shut up since I met him hehe!  We live with our cat and 3/4’s! ( which is an inside joke because we have an amputee cat who we adore  he has the best personality ) .
My favorite things in the world are laughing at everything mostly myself because I think I am the funniest person I know! and giggling at the silly moments in life and laughing with my best friend.
When I’m not shooting weddings or families you’ll find me singing in the choir I belong too (Sing in the City) Playing a little wow, working on graphics/websites but mostly spending time with my love Phil.
I couldn’t live without my hubby we are very much in love and he is my best friend, my hero and my entire world this is why I understand the importance of photography and family. 

Fraser & Clair

Bella photography has given me some amazing images over the last 5 years and captured memories that will last a lifetime. Kirsty is brilliant with children and encourages them to be natural so she can capture a true likeness for you instead of just a posed shot. Kirsty has taken shots of both of my children for me and each image makes my heart smile every time I look upon them. Kirsty was also one of the photographers on our wedding day. The images captured on that day are exactly what we asked for and more. There is actually one shot in particular that Kirsty took of myself at the alter which captures my soft, contented side, the side not many people get to see that is reserved for only my nearest and dearest. I adore this shot as it captures, for me, exactly how I felt on that day. I thoroughly recommend Bella photography for ANY kind of photography work you require and I hope to book again soon for some outside shots. Thanks for the memories Kirsty. <3 xxx