Eeeek You've landed on that page where I tell you all about myself.... Who likes writing these let's be honest? Okay here goes.....

I am Kirsty (not Bella? Read on to find out why) - dizty, cute, passionate, dorky, geeky, loving and photographic genius! In my personal life, my favorite human is my husband, we met when we were both working for an IT company and I stole his seat. I was warned by friends that he was shy and quiet and wouldn’t talk to me! Well, I'd like a refund because I can tell ya the boy has never shut up since the day I met him hehe. I am glad, he is the jelly to my peanut butter, I am still crushing hard on him even after 14 years together.

We live with our cat Bella, (Oh yes I am that photographer who named her business after her fur baby, partly because Bella also means Beautiful though) and the other moggy all 3/4’s of him! (we have an amputee cat who we adore he has the best personality). I personally think it’s amazing that as a photographer I have a “tripod” kitty haha! This will never get old for me.

My favorite things in the world are family, friends, and belly laughing at everything, mostly myself, because I think I am the funniest person I know! I love giggling at the silly moments in life and spending time with my countless small humans that our family seems to have collected over the year! Being an Auntie is the BEST job in the world.

When I’m not shooting newborns, babies, families or elopements you’ll find me working behind the scenes for The Butterfly Wishes Network as one of their admin team, which is incredibly rewarding but a second full-time job. I also love singing in a choir I belong to (Sing in the City). Playing a little WoW, working on graphics/websites but mostly spending time with my love Phil, We love exploring and our next adventure will be the North cost 500, when we get the chance.