Meet Kirsty
      A Little about me....

      Hiya, Im Kirsty

      I live in a little cozy house with the love of my life Phil and he is my entire world we met when we were both working for an IT company and I stole his seat, I was warned that he was shy and quiet and wouldn’t talk to me! Well, I can tell ya the boy has never shut up since I met him hehe!  We live with our cat and 3/4’s! ( which is an inside joke because we have an amputee cat who we adore  he has the best personality ) .
      My favorite things in the world are laughing at everything mostly myself because I think I am the funniest person I know! and giggling at the silly moments in life and laughing with my best friend.
      When I’m not shooting weddings or families you’ll find me singing in the choir I belong too (Sing in the City) Playing a little wow, working on graphics/websites but mostly spending time with my love Phil.
      I couldn’t live without my hubby we are very much in love and he is my best friend, my hero and my entire world this is why I understand the importance of photography and family. 

      Excellent service

      Bella photography did my wedding photos and they were all excellent. Since then I always get Bella photography to deal with all my photography needs.