W H Y    Y O U   S H O U L D  W A N T   A   W E D D I N G   A L B U M
& why should you choose a professional album?

Why an album in this digital cloud-based and usb world?

Rewind a few years, not that long ago, maybe 10 years ago. A photographer who offered digitals would give a CD. Then as image files got larger it was on a DVD. Now for most, it’s a USB. It’s constantly changing. The new MacBooks don’t even have a USB connection. We’re all uploading our digital lives to the cloud. So digital downloads from the gallery is the new way of delivering images. This is how I do it but every wedding collection I offer now includes an album besides one. It’s hugely important to me and that’s why I have a page dedicated to albums.

These are the photos your grandkids hopefully will be able to see and cherish. Say, 40 or 50 years from now when they’re old enough to appreciate it. What type of displays will we have? 20K mega HD holographic TV’s?

With no album, it may be “Let me show you our wedding photos from way back in 2018. Do you have anything that displays jpegs? What’s a jpeg? (Image output after conversion from original RAW file).

An Album in timeless and will never change, Its something you can cherish and take care of and hand down to the next generation who knows what technology we will be using 10-15 years from now… Whereas an album will never change!! A high quality, built to last Wedding album, regardless of future technology, displays, connections, cloud whatever, is the one thing you can take out the drawer, open up and enjoy looking back. 10 years, 50 years and your as yet unknown future family in 100 years. It’s the beginning of your family album. The start of your legacy.

Of course the day is massive. It’s all we think about when planning the big day but take a peek past that day…. many years from now and don’t risk purely digital copies as in many years from now the format may be gone. 50 years ago we didn’t have mobile phones, we didn’t even have colour tv. Imagine the next 50?